Fast and Perfect Forwarding

Intercontinental Logistics Solutions...

High quality

Import and export are reducing your logistics costs and we have maintained the same quality standard since the day we started working with you.

Advanced technology

We do not only invest in technology, but we believe that the way to growth is moving forward with technology.


For us, our customers come first. The more we respect them and their successes, the more we hear the same in society and the environment, the ethical values ​​are indispensable.


Green Logistics

Each Container, A Sapling

Each Container, A Sapling

For each container nominated to us, we plant a saplin.

We Think Green

We love and protect nature for a better future.

We Support Future Generations

ES has always supported our environmentally conscious students. He is responsible for transportation and sponsorship in the Solar Energy Boat and Wind Energy Car competitions.

As ES International, we are able to provide service to our customers in all stages of domestic and international transportation organizations.