Our Values

For us, our customers come first.


We show empathy in our interactions with individuals – our customers, colleagues and the world at large. Our people are our most precious building-block in value creation and goal accomplishment. We believe that sincerity is a golden key to open any door, and we are fortunate to be in possession of it.


Exploring new ideas and integrating creativity throughout every business process is fundamental to our success. This may be a brand-new solution, product, or service. Our desire for original perspectives and bold initiatives strengthens not only us but also our customers.


For us, imagination is a true “treasure” and the method, with which you preserve this source, is crucial. All new and fresh initiatives contribute spirit to our imagination. We appetite for novel, value-add initiatives creating competitiveness and generating new opportunities for our customers.


We do more than just invest in technology. We trust that technology is our most essential enabler. For us, technology lights our path rather than being a necessity to which change guides and leads. This approach, in conjunction with our tailored and innovative solutions, inspires the entire logistics community.

Can-Do Culture

We are confident and shall never give up when faced with challenges. We owe our business success to working efficiently and our strong will to achieve all. As a team with our high motivation, passion and positive attitude, we can implement the most ideal solutions for our customers.


Our customers come first. We hold great respect for our customers and their achievements. This respect also extends to the environment, and the society. Ethical values are essential for us. As responsible citizens, we are accountable for our actions and we are well-aware of the fact that this is the only path to a sustainable future for everyone.

As ES International, we are able to provide service to our customers in all stages of domestic and international transportation organizations.